Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Leaks

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    Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Leaks

    When roofing thoughts are in your mind, you may think mostly about your home.

    Roofs are in all kinds of establishments and buildings.

    Although residential roofs are different from commercial roofs, they should be in excellent condition to prevent leaks and issues.

    Just like residential roofing, commercial roofing matters are essential.

    A commercial building is a place of business.

    If there is something wrong with the roofing, all of the people doing business inside are affected.

    Minor issues can easily dissuade customers and potential clients to not go inside your place of business.

    Physical aspects of a building can affect the sales or work experience of people.

    You don’t want a leak to be the reason your business stops operating for weeks.

    Imagine having a damaged roof in your commercial building.

    Leaking is inevitable and can cause workplace or business space disasters.

    There are repair specialists like us, Columbus Roofing Pros, who can help you.

    However, know the more common causes of the leaks so you can assess the condition of your commercial space’s roofing.

    What are the most common causes of commercial roofing leaks, and what can you do about it?

    Old roof

    Commercial roofing also ages with time, and it is not meant to last forever.

    It won’t take long before replacements and repairs are necessary to keep it in shape.

    As a result, you’ll experience leaks first, forming markings in the ceilings of commercial spaces.

    Also, when you have unpredictable weather, the capacity of an old roofing system may not hold up to the current nature.

    Damages to the roofing system

    Buildings still have additional layers for protection.

    The roof does not directly touch the insides spaces of the building.

    Instead, you have components such as membranes and flashings that work with the roof.

    These parts come as one package deal with the roof to protect a commercial establishment.


    A membrane is a barrier between the roof and a building.

    Just like the roof, membranes are also subject to use and age.

    Water seeps through the membrane over time, resulting in leaks.


    Flashings are protective seals at the edge of chimneys and ventilation cuts.

    Damage to the flashing can result in leaks that come from matter within the chimney and ventilation.

    If there are strong calamities, fragile flashings can fly out of place, leaving a leak source.

    If other interconnected parts incur damage, expect leaks to happen in spaces inside.

    A commercial roof is still a system with intertwined functioning parts.

    Damage in one part can mean a leak in another.

    HVAC systems on the roofs

    HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems) systems are standard in commercial buildings.

    HVAC systems require cutouts and designated places to transport air around commercial buildings.

    When there are cutouts in the roofing, it’s a source of penetration from the outside world.

    Imagine a vent or a piper sticking out on the roofing connected to the HVACs.

    This grants instant opening to waters that can leak and pool within commercial spaces.

    Faulty roof system drainage

    Commercial roofing should have an excellent gutter and rain drainage system.

    It’s a big establishment that can span areas.

    Ample space needs strong and durable gutters to withstand large volumes of water during rains and storms.

    If the gutter is faulty, where does all the rainwater go?

    It will pool in the roofing and eventually find its way towards areas inside.

    We repair commercial roofing leaks!

    A commercial roofing leak is a big job as retail establishments are bigger than homes in size and area.

    Nevertheless, Columbus Roofing Pros offers Roof Repairs to commercial spaces in Columbus.

    If you are experiencing leaks in your space, notify your management about the concern to work with them in fixing the roof.

    We aim to be the reliable specialists that commercial establishments can count on when there are damages to the roofing.

    Common causes of commercial roofing leaks won’t get in the way of your commercial activities.

    We want your business to move on as usual without the hassle of roofing leaks.

    A leak should never cause you any inconvenience that will affect your business activities.

    Send us a message or call us for inquiries and repair job bookings any time.

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