Residential vs. Commercial Gutters: What’s The Difference?

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    Residential vs. Commercial Gutters: What’s The Difference?

    There are different kinds and models of roofing systems available for various buildings.

    They may all serve the same purpose and give the same function.

    However, in terms of gutter structure and technicalities, you can draw differences.

    There is a contrast in material properties.

    Some differences are more pronounced, while others are hidden beneath the structures.

    You have to remember that commercial establishments are bigger than residences.

    There is more area for roofing in a commercial property.

    Also, commercial properties tend to have flatter roofs.

    The function and aesthetic dynamic in a house and a building are different.

    It is beneficial for other interior systems that maintain and regulate the building.

    It also means that residential gutters and commercial gutters have different properties.

    Nevertheless, both infrastructures need regular inspection and maintenance to keep their best shape.

    If there’s one thing that should not differ, it’s the necessary service that Columbus Roofing Pros can give.

    We give our professional service to both settings, and we dedicate 100% of our work to both.

    Put a residential versus commercial gutter, what’s the difference, and how does it affect our service?

    Installation procedure

    First, since a residence is different from a commercial space, the gutter installation differs.

    Both roofing styles influence the work required for the installation.

    While residences can be more open to other types of roofing, slanted, flat, and others, commercial buildings tend to have flatter roofs.

    There is more area to cover in a commercial building since it can be more extensive.

    Another thing is other systems in the building are mostly found on the roof of a commercial building.

    It’s normal to find HVAC vents and pipes in buildings, which changes where the gutters go.


    Size is essential for gutter functions.

    For homes, you have regular gutters that function as a catch and drainage channel for rainfall.

    In commercial buildings, the gutters need to hold more water volume.

    Commercial gutters are naturally more oversized since buildings are bigger than houses.

    If you want to improve the gutter in your home, never use a commercial gutter for your roof.

    Though the capacity becomes higher, the maintenance also becomes more frequent.

    Gutter shape

    In a house, k-shape or half-round gutters are more common.

    In a commercial building, box-shaped gutters are frequently installed.

    Not only do commercial gutters have more volume capacity, but they are also more convenient to attach to the flat roof edges of a building.

    Commercial gutters can also end up harboring more dirt from the outside.

    There’s more space to contain dirt and build up over time.

    Aesthetic difference

    For your home, you may want to focus on how nice gutters look.

    The reason is not only to make your home look aesthetically more pleasing.

    It is also to raise the value of your home.

    As such, you can customize gutters according to those criteria.

    It’s generally not the same for commercial gutters.

    Commercial gutters focus more on giving the optimal size to drain large amounts of water from the flat roofing.

    If you apply a commercial gutter in your house, the look may end up making the trimmings bulky.

    Legal aspects

    There are different community and legal regulations for the construction of each.

    Residential properties are more private properties.

    The rules for building gutters and contracting roofing service are different for a house and a building.

    For buildings, there may be a higher set of standards.

    The protocols make sense as the safety of the people and the public is in question.

    It is improbable that you would want to experience a sudden water burst from business establishments when you are outside.

    If you plan to renovate your roof and gutters, check with the localities for any ordinance or laws.

    So residential versus commercial gutter: what’s the difference?

    The difference falls on the installation, size and style, and the following legal standards.

    How does our service differ?

    There’s no difference in the quality that we give.

    We will always give you professional work to ensure your gutter condition.

    It doesn’t matter if you book us for residential gutter maintenance or commercial gutter repair.

    Book us for roof gutter installations and maintenance repairs!

    No matter which setting you are in, we offer our Roof Fixing services to maintain your gutter.

    Our goal is for you to have fully functional roofs that have durable gutters.

    If you want to replace your gutters and invest in new ones, contact us.

    We are Columbus Roofing Pros, and we are available in Columbus to help you with gutter maintenance.

    Building or home, rain or shine, we are there for you.

    Book us for your gutter job.

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