Top 10 Roof Problems

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    Top 10 Roof Problems

    If you own a house, you will experience a roofing problem at some point in your home life.

    It’s common to have these problems as roofs are subject to wear out over time.

    Its age affects its strength, so expect to book for repairs from time to time.

    Moreover, weather conditions also affect the functions of the roof.

    Climate and weather conditions can become unpredictable in Columbus.

    One day, strong winds go through your area, blowing away loose shingles blowing from the roof.

    When this happens, it’s best to prepare yourself for the top 10 roof problems.

    You’ll need expertise in keeping your roof in shape.

    There’s no better way to deal with roof damage than calling us.

    Here in Columbus Roofing Pros, we are open to help you with your roof problems.

    Give us a call if any of the top 10 roof problems happened to your roof.

    Be knowledgeable about these concerns, so you know when to call us for repair work.

    1. Broken shingles

    Shingles are the individual roofing material pieces that contractors install in your roof.

    Over time, shingles will lose their adhesive property, especially with different external conditions happening.

    When this happens, they are more prone to being broken or going missing.

    Expect more fragile shingles to disappear, especially during strong winds and heavy rains.

    2. Damaged flashing

    Flashing serves as additional protection to the edges of the roof.

    They prevent water passage in roof joints and open partitions.

    Since their purpose is to provide additional safety, they are prone to receiving force damages; they become weaker over time.

    The flashing will slowly deteriorate, so expect to replace it after decades of use.

    3. Leaky roofs

    Roof leaks become unwanted water sources in the interior of your home.

    The leaks come from roofs that were under poor installation.

    If you ever experience some wall discolorations or noticeable watermarks, these are symptoms of a leaky roof.

    Call contractors to prevent other damages like mold growth and structural deterioration.

    4. Pooling water

    There are many ways to construct and design a roof.

    Contemporary homes have flat roofs now as a sign of architectural prowess.

    There is one concern for this kind of roof:

    Waters tend to pool as they don’t roll off the roofing layers, making the roof dry slower.

    5. Cracks and holes

    Cracks and holes result from external forces that become punctures to the roof shingles.

    If your home is attractive to wildlife, this is a common problem.

    Animals will crawl and force their way inside your home.

    Insects will start to walk in roofing material, making the roof structure degrade faster.

    6. Clogging gutters

    A gutter is a passageway for water from the roof.

    So, when it rains, the water shouldn’t be on the roof for so long as it travels downwards toward the gutter.

    Dirt and debris build up over time, causing a clogging gutter.

    When this happens, water doesn’t travel in as much volume as it used to, creating streams and puddles.

    7. Tree damage

    Does your home have trees on the property?

    Tree branches can contribute to the shingle punctures of your roof material.

    The leaves can stick in the roofing system, progressing into heavier roof layers.

    It’s best to maintain your roof and clean it often if you have a tree within roofing parameter.

    8. Animal issues

    Animals like to build a home in ideal locations.

    Your roof provides shelter and warmth for critters and small animals.

    Beware of rummaging squirrels and insects that slowly burrow through our roof structure.

    Animals can cause faster structural decline to your property.

    9. Ice dam formations

    During the winter season, ice formations are regular.

    Water can seep through roof shingles, and the cold weather turns them into ice.

    Over time, you’ll have a roof with split shingle pieces and open gaps.

    You will also experience leaks through the ceiling from melting ice dams.

    10. Extreme weather conditions

    You can’t always predict the strength of calamities and extreme weathers.

    When your roof is subject to strong winds and endless rain, it won’t hold up the exact original strength.

    Roof parts are easily blown away, and you will have tons of damage as an aftermath.

    Strong roofs that hold up against unfortunate events need to have proper installation and regular maintenance.

    Avoid common roof problems. Call us for an appointment!

    Roofs should last a long time, but only with proper care and maintenance.

    You need roof experts to give your roof the work it needs to withstand damages.

    We are present to offer you services that help avoid roof problems.

    Call Columbus Roofing Pros!

    We are available all the time to give you roofing solutions.

    We can give you the best tips and advice to prepare your roof against possible damage.

    Book your next appointment with us!

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