What is The Best Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement?

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    What is The Best Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement?

    Timing is essential when planning a roof replacement.

    If you end up getting a replacement service during an “off” season, you’ll end up at a slight disadvantage.

    Unnecessary expenses can result from ill-timed roof replacements.

    Take note; a roof replacement is not a one-time meeting kind of service.

    You need to have a proper schedule to replace the commercial roof and the help of a professional company.

    The timing is something you need to plan with your contractor, but you don’t need to worry about getting an expert roofing contractor.

    No matter what the best time is for a commercial roof replacement, we are always available for you.

    We are here all year round to give you a replacement according to convenience.

    Columbus Roofing Pros is with you in planning the replacement and executing seamless roofing.

    The best time to get a commercial roof replacement

    Ideally, a replacement schedule should never affect the business activities in your establishment.

    It will cost you a lot if you need to shut down the business to cater to your commercial roofing replacement.

    So, what is the best time for a commercial roof replacement?

    Spring and summer season

    Weathers are generally better during the spring and summer seasons.

    You have optimal daily conditions to work on commercial roofing.

    However, this condition is a double-edged sword.

    If the temperatures and humidity increase, it can cause less free time to work on the roof.

    A commercial roof is bigger than residential roofs; as such, it takes more work.

    Prices and rates depend on a seasonal approach, and you’ll need a lot of materials for a complete roof replacement.

    Material costs are also slightly lower during these seasons due to slower activities.

    Prime summer or spring days will allow for better work outcomes and conditions for people who will work on the commercial establishment.

    Fall season

    One of the ideal seasons to work on a roof replacement is during the fall season.

    It provides the perfect weather condition, so there’s more time to work on the roof.

    It’s not too cold that contractors will be risking their health for work.

    It’s not too hot that heat strokes are more prominent.

    The fall season is also just right for roofing materials to settle in.

    It’s a peak season to get products like PVC or EPDM to settle faster.

    Roof shingles will take a week to settle down strongly on average in this condition.

    Compare this to colder weather, where it takes more time to install.

    Winter season

    The winter season is the most challenging for a roof replacement.

    The colder conditions limit a lot of work time, and many things can influence service.

    The presence of snow alone makes it much difficult to navigate a commercial rooftop.

    Ice dams and ice sheets end up forming over if temperatures go even lower than the usual cold.

    The winter also affects the materials that contractors need to use for the replacement.

    Shingles will take more time to settle, and products take longer to set.

    The roof replacement takes more time to work on the roof, which affects the total price of the job.

    Things to consider

    There are always factors that will affect the roof replacement.

    It’s not just about the proper time to get a replacement service.

    If you are planning to book a replacement, put these in mind:

    • Roof type and raw materials
    • Budget
    • Age of the roof
    • Existing roof conditions
    • Noise level
    • Warranty

    Other conditions affect the roof.

    Depending on the roof itself, you can still end up with higher costs.

    As such, most roofing contractors like us will recommend days with milder temperatures to make the roof replacement more optimal.

    The proper timing can save you some money.

    Get a commercial roof replacement with us!

    If there are too many scheduled commercial activities, it’s best to talk to us about your available roof replacement time.

    The fall season is the best season for any roof work, but we understand that it can cause a strain on the business.

    You can always talk to us here at Columbus Roofing Pros to schedule another time that works for your commercial roofs.

    Our Roof Fixing and Roof Building services are open all time of the year.

    Give us a call to schedule the best time for the roof replacement.

    Once you have a perfect time, we are there when you book the job with us in Columbus.

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