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    You may hear the word gutter from time to time whenever house topics are open.

    The term gutter belongs to house structure topics such as roofing and construction.

    It happens for a good reason.

    A gutter is a fixed trough in your roofing edge that catches rainwater.

    After heavy rain, you usually find the rainwater somewhere else, not forming a puddle in your property.

    The water volume is not stuck in your roofs, causing damage and puddles.

    Fully functional gutters are essential to your home.

    A lot goes on at the roofs of your home more than you realize.

    Even though you don’t necessarily see the activities in your roofing, gutters provide the primary purpose of being a pathway for rainwater.

    If it rains very hard overnight, your house should dry as fast as possible.

    The rainwater must travel somewhere, and gutters provide that channel.

    While doors and entryways protect you from unwanted individuals, gutters protect your home from natural elements.

    Accumulating water can be bad news to your home structure.

    Don’t worry, as Columbus Roofing Pros is by your side in keeping the rainwater at bay.

    Our Gutter Installation is the answer to your problems.

    Types of gutter shapes

    There are different types of gutters suitable for various roofs.

    Each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    You need to find a gutter that fits your needs and gives its primary function of water drainage.

    The types of gutters vary according to shape.

    K-shaped gutter

    k-shaped gutters have a flat side and a side that has a decorative opposite side.

    This type of gutter has grown in popularity over the last few years for its more accessible installation.

    As you have a flat side, it’s easier to nail, hang or attach the gutter to a flat side of the roofing edge.

    On top of that, they can drain more water as it has more volume capacity.

    Half-round gutter

    Half-round gutters are circular tubes cut in half.

    In contrast to the shape of a k-shape, the half-rounds don’t have any flat side.

    You get half-cylindrical top-open tubes.

    The open troughs require an additional bracket for attachment and installation.

    This type of gutter shape is more prominent in old houses and is the more traditional gutter choice.

    Custom gutter

    Like any other home addition, you can have custom-made gutters for your home.

    If you are very particular about the design and aesthetic, many manufacturers can design a gutter shape just for your home.

    Custom gutters are different from the standard k-shape and half-round gutters, but they fit your design vision best.

    As it is not a standard design, expect to pay a little more to get your gutter type done.

    Types of gutter material

    You can opt for gutter material that you think will benefit your home best.

    Some of the most popular gutter materials are available in general stores and manufacturers.


    An aluminum gutter can guarantee a lightweight material for easy installation.

    This material is also immune and strong against low temperatures.

    They’re best for budget-friendly concerns but will generally dent and deform over time.


    If you opt for stronger gutters that are still easy to install, copper is the material for you.

    Copper is generally more robust than the aluminum gutter.

    You need regular gutter maintenance as this material is prone to rust.


    The favorite and top pick among new homeowners are vinyl gutters.

    Vinyl is one of the easiest materials to put together, especially for sectional areas of the roof.

    It can withstand mild climates and is more affordable than other material counterparts.


    If you value indestructible and low-maintenance material, a steel gutter is for you.

    It boats of rust protection and gives off a beautiful shine.

    The only drawback is that the price of this material can cost up to 3 times more than the average material.

    Deliberate deeply on the kind of gutter you need and invest in Gutter Installation.

    Proper installation can guarantee that you don’t only have functional gutters.

    You have gutters that will last longer and hold durable through all kinds of rain intensities.

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    We also give you our Roof Fixing services that can go hand in hand with gutter concerns.

    If you feel like your property is containing more water, it’s probably because of the gutter.

    Don’t wait for leaky damages to progress.

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