Skylight Installation

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    A skylight can be the best addition in any room.

    You don’t only have the view of the night sky.

    You also conserve the use of home lights during the day.

    You optimize the use of natural light and bring down relevant light expenses.

    What exactly is a skylight, and how can you add it to any room in your home?

    A skylight is a glass partition in the ceiling.

    Instead of having a complete solid roof, there’s a cutting that contains glass in place.

    Because it is usually located in the roofing structure, it is also called a rooflight.

    Installing a skylight looks very simple at first glance.

    However, it’s far from easy.

    You might think of just doing all things by yourself.

    You are just cutting out a part of the roof and adding glass anyway; what could go wrong?

    As you are removing a portion of your roof, there are many things in consideration.

    It’s best to have expert roofing professionals who can do the Skylight Installation for you.

    Here are Columbus Roofing Pros.

    We offer roofing services.

    It’s not only limited to the basic Roof Fixing service or Roof Building service.

    We can take out a portion of the roof and transform it too.

    Before you embark on calling us for your accessory, choose the skylight that works best for you.

    Different variations are available in the market.

    All you need to do is choose and consult with us on the Skylight Installation of your choice.

    Types of skylight

    Different types of skylights depend on your target design and function.

    The best way to assess the best skylight is to study your roof structure.

    You need to make sure that there are no mishaps and errors in carving out a part of the roof.

    The most noticeable difference in the types is the mechanism of the skylight.

    Fixed skylight

    Fixed skylights stay in place and don’t move at all.

    Imagine having a solid glass panel through your ceiling.

    You are directly below the source of light, like the sun and the moon.

    • Pros: It provides a direct view of the sky and the outside.
    • Cons: Since it doesn’t move, additional ventilation is not possible.

    Ventilating skylight

    A ventilating skylight is the same as a fixed one, except you can open or close it through a switch.

    You can have additional ventilation inside the area.

    It’s a slight variation from fixed skylights, but they add another tier of benefit that may be helpful to you.

    • Pros: It’s a step above the fixed skylight. It provides you with additional temperature control and air circulation inside.
    • Cons: It’s more expensive than the standard fixed skylight.

    Tubular skylight

    A tubular skylight differs more than the first two types of skylights.

    Instead of a partition through the ceiling and the roof, you have a tube that reflects the light.

    You get a direct amount of light through light mechanisms through the tubes.

    • Pros: It is best for rooms and spaces with limited roofing space or existing ceiling concerns.
    • Cons: You don’t have a very aesthetic room change since you don’t see the outside world from the panel.

    Each mechanism has a unique advantage of its own.

    However, the critical thing to note is if the type you want is compatible with the roofing restructures.

    You wouldn’t want a leaky ceiling from the rain or a compromise in the house’s structural integrity.

    Therefore, it’s best to consult first before you book your installation.

    The more you know about the technicalities of your roof and ceiling, the more you can decide on which one fits your home best.

    Contact Columbus Roofing Pros for your inquiry and the Skylight Installation service after.

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